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Fullblood Boer Bucks

We currently have four registered Fullblood Boer bucks, WHG Stinger's Red Viper (solid red) and ACEB Ruby's Super Nova (black/cream dappled), Friday Creek Sonic Boom (traditional) and WHG Dupont's Kevlar (red w/white) in our herd.  Nova, Sonic and Kev are ABGA registered and Viper is dual registered (ABGA/USBGA).  Their kids may be registered with either registry.
Nova tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's Disease in July 2013.  Unfortunately, we could not manage to get blood pulled from Viper.  His last negative tests were in February 2011.  Limited outside breedings are available.  Proof of negative CAE, CL and Johne's within the last month is required.  Service by Viper is $125 with a service memo provided and $100 if you don't require a service memo plus $1.00 per day board.  Service by Sonic is $100 for any doe plus $1.00 per day board for 2013 only.
We do not currently offer outside breedings to Nova or Kevlar.

Viperjune09.jpgWHG Stinger's Red Viper

* Sire: Outback Boers Scorpio's Stinger *Ennobled (deceased)

* Dam: Dura Max's Valentine *Ennobled (deceased)

* DOB: 2.15.2006

* Reg. #: 10308330 (Dual registered ABGA/USBGA)

Viper’s pedigree includes ennobled NK Dura Max, FSE JIIM-0057, TX02 K208 Del Rio, HMR Sumo, JLF Amelo Precious Perfect, Kaptein and both his sire and dam, who became ennobled in 2009 and 2010, respectively. This solid red buck has color on both sides of his pedigree and is built like a tank. He is wide front and back and has a wide, long loin. He also has a beautiful head.  He produces a wide range of colors, including black and spots.  We've been extremely pleased with Viper's kids.


Click here to view Viper's pedigree.
Click here to view some of Viper's offspring.






* ACEB Ruby's Super Nova

* Sire:  LLBG Mr. League X090

* Dam: WHG Warrior's Ruby Red

* DOB: 3.25.2010

* Reg. #: 10512588

We purchased Nova from Booke Farm in June 2010.  He has many ennoblements in his up close pedigree.  Nova is maturing into an impressive young buck.  At 28 months old, he weighs 260 lbs.  He has an excellent topline, good width, very heavy bone, a perfect bite and 4 clean teats.  Nova also has a calm, gentle disposition, even as a "teenager" in rut.  Nova's first kids were everything we hoped they would be.  In 2011 he sired three sets of kids resulting in three does and three bucks.  Of those kids, three were spotted/dappled, two were black and one was a paint.  Our 2012 kids by Nova were just as impressive as last year's kids.  He sired eight does and seven bucks which included eight dappled/spotted kids, four blacks, two reds and one paint.  So far, Nova has produced 100% color (50% spots/dapples, 70% black), even when bred to traditional does! 

Nova will be bred to most of our yearling does this year and a couple of the older girls too.  It's not too early to get on our waiitng list for next year's kids, we expect them to sell fast!


Click here to view Nova's pedigree. 

Click here to view some of Nova's offspring.







* Friday Creek Sonic Boom

* Sire:  Parker's Gourmet Go for Launch

* Dam: Friday Creek Bewitched *US Elite Ennobled

* DOB: 12.19.2012

* Reg. #: 10597914

Sonic is the first home bred buck we've kept for our herd.  In the past we wanted to bring in new bloodlines through the addition of new bucks so the boys born here had to go.  When this guy hit the ground though, we knew we had to keep him.  Sonic is very wide from his head back to his hip and is extremely level topped.  He's packed with muscle, look at that forearm!  Perfect bite, 1/1 + nub teats, good pigment.  We'll be breeding him to a few of our younger does this fall and he'll be available for outside breeding too.


Show Results:


2013 April Fools ABGA Show:  2nd place 3-6 month old bucks under both judges, Jack Talley and David Carter

2013 Shoot for the Stars USBGA Show:  2nd place 3-6 month old bucks , judge Pat Hendrickson







* WHG Dupont's Kevlar

* Sire:  Capriole's Dupont

* Dam: Outback Boers War Squaw

* DOB: 4.25.2013

* Reg. #: Pending

Kev is a nice red buck that we had to chance to add to our herd this year.  Many thanks to Elise and Zoe Conlee at White House Goats for the giving us the opportunity to add Kev's powerhouse genetics to our herd!









* HBG Johnny Cash

* Sire: Diamond L Ranch P17

* Dam: HBG Black Bird

* DOB: 11.25.2006

* Reg. #: 070430681 (Triple Registered USBGA/ABGA/IBGA)

Cash's pedigree includes ennobled Mojo Magic and Eggstreme.  He is very wide, long and meaty. With only a limited number of breedings, Cash's 2008 kids were exactly what we hoped they would be.  He sired a beautiful fullblood red paint buck, a couple of very nice percentage does and a few excellent market wethers.  His 2009 kids were just as good as last year's, if not better.  They all have incredible width and length, even the 50% dairy kids.

We lost Cash unexpectedly in June 2010.  He had matured into a beautiful buck and will be greatly missed.  Luckily we have some of his daughters in our herd to carry on his influence.


Click here to view Cash's pedigree.




* Heaven Sent Davinci ("Vinny")vinny2.jpg
* Sire: Par 5 Mike
* Dam: Heaven Sent Esther
* DOB: 4.23.05
* Reg. #: 050812238 (Dual Registered USBGA/ABGA)
Vinny's pedigree includes ennobled HMR Sumo, Concho, Kaptein, Ubora, Tabu and Oscar as well as Parm Fred, Parm Gladiator and Permanent Champion Concho's Bolero. Vinny has nice width throughout and a meaty rear end. He is very correct on his feet and legs and he improves on every doe he is bred to, his kids are always better than their parents. One of Vinny's strengths is his ability to pass on show quality teat structure to his offspring, even when bred to does with poor teat structure. In addition, Vinny is one of the sweetest bucks I've ever worked with. He is very docile and easy to handle while still being an aggressive breeder.  Vinny is pictured here at 6 years old.

Vinny will have a lasting impact on our farm.  We have retained many of his daughters and they are the foundation of our percentage herd.  He will be missed!

Vinny was sold in July 2011 to Summitview Boers in Yakima, WA where he is already very much loved.  He is moving there to help add muscle and dimension to their herd of colored Boers.  Thank you to Brice and Krystal Clemmons, we know you'll take great care of him!

Click here to view Vinny's pedigree.

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